Böcker om Japan och japansk kultur


A Japanese touch for your garden

Seike, Kiyoshi m.fl.
Kodansha, 80 pgs
With this book, you can bring a touch of Oriental magic into your own backyard. All the basic components of a japanese garden and their functions are explained and illustrated: steppingstones, paving stones, stone lanterns, signs, and statues; streams waterfalls, and ponds; bamboo fences, gates, and walls. The authors are eminent authorities on architectural design, botany, and landscape design.

A Japanese touch for your home

Yagi, Koji
Kodansha - 84 pgs.

Filled with elegant designs and clever tips, A Japanese Touch for Your Home offers bold and exciting ideas for remodeling your home or redecorating your apartment. The author, architect Koji Yagi, explains the basic elements of Japanese interior design and shows you how to use them.

Castels of the Samurai. Power and beauty

Mitchelhill, Jennifer
Kodansha - 110 pgs.


This study of the castles of Japan examines: who built these castles and why, with a look at Japanese history and the internecine fighting between samurai clans; the castle as a fortress; and the beauty of the castle as a symbol. It also contains practical information on visiting castles.

Create your own japanese garden: a practical guide

Oguchi, Motomi
Kodansha, 127 pgs

Add a touch of serenity to your home and life...

  • Step by step instruction on japanese garden design and construction
  • Numerous examples of sukiya-style gardens
  • Practical information for both the casual and dedicated gardener
  • Hundreds of photographs and detail-rich illustrations

Eat Sleep Sit: My Year at Japan's Most Rigorous Zen Temple

Nonomura, Kaoru
Kodansha - 324 pgs.

Getting wet. Adventures in the japanese bath

Talmadge, Eric
Kodansha, 253 pgs.

A rollicking dip intp japanese culture, Getting wet is one man's journey from his home tub into the many facets of the country's bathing scene, where he learns, among other things, that:

  • The number of japanese who die in the bath each year rivals the number killed in traffic accidents
  • Tokyo's largest bathing theme park celebrated the arrival of it's one-millionth visitor within one year on it's opening.
  • Archelogical digs suggest the japanese were bathing in hot springs 10 000 years ago: aristocrats were singing their praises more than 1000 years ago

Hagakure: The book of the samurai

Tsunetomo, Yamamoto
Kodansha, 189 pgs
Hagakure ("in the Shadow of Leaves") is a manual for the samurai classes consisting of a series of short anecdotes and reflections that give both insight and instruction in the philosophy and code of behavior that foster the true spirit of Bushido - the way of the Warrior.

Japanese paper crafting: create 17 paper craft projects & make your own beautiful washi paper

Lafosse, Michael G.
Tuttle, 127 pgs

Classic origami art, or contemporary vases; a wallet with flair, or a hand-sewn album...

Make your own traditional-style japanese paper
Create 17 exquisite projects that feture your own handmade paper

Animal Origami (folding paper included)

Sato, Yoshio
Kodansha, 48 pgs.

Folded paper included

  • Easy to make
  • Fun and fantasy
  • Pets and zoo animals (ex: dogs, rattlesnakes, mouses, rabbits, giraffes, birds, pigs, elephants, lions and more)
  • Features the new unit origami method

Origami airplanes, fun pack

Dewan, Andrew

This kit includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for 6 fun projects
  • An introduction to basic folding techniques
  • 48 sheets of full-color origami paper with folding lines shown right on the designs

Origami aquarium

LaFosse, Michael
  • 20 exciting projects (ex. the seahorse, the whale, the shark, classic fish)
  • Easy-to follow instructions
  • 96 sheets of folding paper

Origami art: 15 exquisite folded paper designs from the origamido studio

Lafosse, Michael G. & Alexander, Richard L.
Tuttle, 141 pgs
Expert advice and techiques for aspiring artists
Brilliant projects for advanced folders
Simplified guide to origami paper making

Origami birds, fun pack

Dewan, Andrew

This kit includes:

  • Step-by-step instructions for 6 fun projects
  • An introduction to basic folding techniques
  • 48 sheets of full-color origami paper with folding lines shown right on the designs

Origami flowers

LaFosse, Michael G.
  • 41 projects: easy enough for a beginner, challenging enough for the accomplished folder
  • easy-to-follow: instructions for creating a variety of beautiful flowers
  • 98 sheets of paper: including foil and patterned sheets

The first book of origami

Kodansha, 32 pgs.
Turn a single sheet of colored paper into an animal, a hat, a boat, and even a camera! The tree-dimensional drawings and simple instructions are easy for beginners to follow. The designs range from traditional japanese origami to novel ones that can be manipulated and moved, giving everyone - from kids to grandparents - hours of pleasure and fun.

Felt friends from Japan

Tabatha, Naomi
Kodansha Usa - 64 pgs.

Steppingstones to Go. A game of strategy

Kishikawa, Shigemi

The book of saké

Kondo, Hiroshi

The essence of Shinto (Japan's spiritual heart)

Yamakage, Motohisa
Kodansha, 229 pgs.
We can find in Shinto a universal meaning and a practical ethos for the world of today. It can attune us to see the connection between the well-being of the natural world and our own spiritual well-being.

The gardens of Japan

Itoh, Teiji
Kondasha, 244 pgs.

The hidden gardens of Kyoto

Ono, Masaaki & Mizuno, Katsuhiko

The new Zen garden: designing quiet spaces

Cali, Joseph
Kodansha, 87 pgs.
A thousand years of tradition comes to life in the contemporary gardens showcased in these pages. The new Zen garden introduces the contemplative japanese space in all its varied forms, and then guides you through the basic of theory, design, and construction, blending age-old techniques with modern innovation.

Yakuza Moon: Memoirs of a Gangster's Daughter

Tendo, Shoko
Kodansha - 200 pgs.

Four Seasons of Mt. Fuji

Ohyama, Yukio & Yamashita, Shigeki
Kodansha - 95 pgs.

What is mesmerizing about Mt. Fuji is its ever-changing appearance, transformed from day to night and season to season, yet always breathtaking. This book features forty images of the mountain taken by two professional photographers who have devoted many years to capturing its beauty on film. In addition to the photographs, there are images of Mt. Fuji in art and crafts, which emphasizes the importance of the mountain to many aspects of Japanese culture. Back matter includes a history of Mt. Fuji, popular climbing routes to the top, spots offering the best views, and maps for locating accommodations.

Autumn Colors of Kyoyo: A Seasonal Portfolio

Hidehiko, M. & Kayu, M. & Yasutaka, O.
Kodansha - 103 pgs.

Why are the autumn colors of Kyoto described as the most beautiful in Japan?
The delicate, almost translucent autumn hues, which derive from the city's unique plant life and climate, are undoubtedly lovely to behold, but clearly that is not the only reason. The secret of Kyoto's autumn beauty lies in a perfect harmony of the natural and the man-made, the culmination of centuries of history.

Le Japon de Nicolas Bouvier

Bouvier, Nicolas
Hoëbeke - 127 pgs.

A partir de 1955, peu après le périple qui l'a mené de Genève à Ceylan, Nicolas Bouvier effectue de longs séjours au Japon. Il figure alors parmi les tout premiers "vagabonds" à parcourir à pied ce pays encore méconnu en Europe. Il en ramènera la matière d'un de ses livres les plus célèbres : Chronique japonaise. C'est à Tokyo que l'écrivain devient photographe. "Pour survivre" , explique-t-il, il s'essaie au portrait de ses voisins de quartier : vendeur de parapluie, marchande de soupe ou maquerelle...

Classic Japanese Inns & Country Getaways

Price, Margaret
Kodansha - 288 pgs.

Like England's engaging B&Bs, the refined taverns of Japan constitute one of the world's great traditions of inn-keeping. The tan tatami rooms, the soft light filtering through shoji screens, the epicurean banquets, the impeccable service-all of these are elements that make a visit to one of Japan's classic inns a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Histoire du Japon et des Japonais: 1. Des origines à 1945

Reischauer, Edwin O.
Seuil - 251 pgs.

Politesse et Personne: le Japonais face aux langues occidentales

Wlodarczyk, André
L'Harmattan - 288 pgs.

Une étude sur l'expression de la politesse et de la personne dans la linguistique japonaise, située par rapport aux langues occidentales.