Japansk matkultur

Chiba, Machiko & Whelehan, J.K.
Kodansha, 118 pgs.

Tsuji, Shizuo & Koichiro, Hata
Kodansha, 150 pgs.

Forewords by Thomas Keller and Harold McGee
Photographs by Akira Saito
Japan Publications Trading, 159 pgs.

Satterwhite, Robb
Kodansha - 178 pgs.

The cities and towns of Japan abound with delightful relatively inexpensive restaurants. Most of them specialize, choosing to focus on one type of food and do it well. They explore variations of flavor and ingredients and frequently offer seasonal dishes. But how do you know what to order? How can you make sense of the jumbled menu in your hands? What if you miss out on a true delicacy? 

Yamaoka, Masako
Kodansha - 156 pgs.

Introduces the ingredients, seasonings, and techniques of Japanese cooking, and offers recipes for soups, appetizers, fish, chicken, meat, eggs, tofu, vegetables, rice, noodles, sushi, and tempura.

Richie, Donald
Kodansha - 112 pgs.

Whether you are contemplating a trip to Japan, a visit to the nearest Japanese restaurant, or a foray into cooking with Japanese ingredients yourself, these fourteen excursions into the world of Japanese food make it possible for you to approach its varied delights with confidence, understanding and unending pleasure.

Fuji, Mari
Kodansha - 111 pgs.

The Enlightened Kitchen introduces readers to shojin ryori, the traditional vegetarian cooking of Japan’s Buddhist temples. Shojin food, with its emphasis on fresh, seasonal vegetables, staples such as seaweed, grains and tofu, and natural flavorings rather than chemical additives, is a highly nutritious and delicious alternative to the many unhealthy eating habits of Western society.

Robinson, Mark
Kodansha - 160 pgs.

Japanese pubs, called izakaya, are attracting growing attention in Japan and overseas. As a matter of fact, a recent article in The New York Times claimed that the izakaya is "starting to shove the sushi bar off its pedestal."

Tamaki, Katsunori
Grancher - 208 pgs.