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French / français: book + 1 CD mp3

Assimil, nouvelle édition 2015

Level: beginners & false beginners.
Niveau: débutant - faux débutant.

Whether you're a total beginner or just want to brush up on your French, the 113 lessons with their lively dialogues, simples notes and practical exercices will allow you to soak up the language naturally and progressively. By studying 30-40 minutes a day, in just a few months you'll be able to converse comfortably in French in a variety of everyday or professional situations.
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French / français: book (624 pgs.) + 4 audio CDs

Level B2: beginners / false beginners

  • 113 comprehensive and progressive lessons
  • 200 review exercises and answer keys
  • dual-language glossary
  • grammatical appendix
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French : phrasebook & CD

Lonely planet, 2012, 272 pgs.

Read, listen to and practise French with our comprehensive phrasebook and CD pack.

Our best-selling French phrasebook gives you:

  • fast access to all the travel phrases you need
  • a 3500-word two-way dictionary
  • a mouth-watering menu decoder to help you order the right meal

Understand the locals and be understood in practical, social and emergency situations with 375 key phrases on our Audio CD. From the comfort of your home, enrich your travel experience by learning key phrases and improving your pronunciation before your trip. Or simply transfer the MP3 files to your portable media device and listen and learn during your travels.

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French. Français pour anglophones

Assimil, 149 pgs.

Fransk parlör för engelsktalande.

French phrasebook containing a grammar section, a conversation section and a dictionary with more than 2 000 words as well as phonetic pronunciation of all the words and phrases in the book.

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French. Français pour anglophones (bok + CD-audio)

Assimil, bok + CD-audio
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French (book only) beginners & false beginners

Assimil, 612 pgs.
ny utgåva 2015
Niveau débutant ou faux-débutant.
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Using french SuperPack: 1 book + 1 mp3 CD + 4 audio CDs

Assimil, 360 pgs.
70 lessons

Using french takes you beyond everyday conversation and introduces you to the subtleties of the language so that you feel totaly at ease with it. In other words, instead of just learning french, you will be using it.


- A selection of texts from literature, journalism, politics and daily life
- Substancial new vocabulary
- Idioms and expressions that are vital to mastering the subtelties of French
- Advanced grammar
- Systematic revision to consolidate what you have learned
- A unique witty style that's tried and tested

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Using French: level advanced C1 (only book)

Bulger, Anthony
Assimil - 350 pgs

- 70 all-inclusive and progressive lessons
- 120 exercises with key
- Irregular verbs summary